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LICEO VITTORIA COLONNA Istituto Statale di Istruzione Superiore - Arezzo
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LICEO LINGUISTICO "VITTORIA COLONNA" offers a curriculum that leads to a high school diploma (MATURITA' LINGUISTICA) that is widely appreciated.

Vittoria Colonna educational programs are rooted in the best  tradition for internationally-oriented studies in which  study-trips and cultural exchanges play a fundamental role.

Our programs offer substantive academic content , provide significant intellectual stimulation, promote personal growth and encourage students to be open to innovation and new technologies..

Vittoria Colonna takes great pride in its commitment to the integration of disciplines, cultures and languages , such integration is pursued by the dedicated,well-credentiated and highly-skilled faculty.

The goal of our school is to form students that are well-prepared for the personal university career, social, cultural and ethical challenges deriving from globalisation.

The preparation we offer aims to assist students , providing them with the foundation to excel academically in higher education and to help them develop an understanding of the dynamic interaction among disciplines, cultures and languages that will lead them to succesful lives and careers.